Terms and Conditions

Conditions for cancellations, postponements and no-shows:
Any booking can be rebooked free of charge up to nine days before the chosen date. In case of a second rescheduling of the headshot session, the reservation fee of CHF 99 is due again in any case.

  • 9 days and more before the date = free of charge
  • 7 days and more before the appointment = 20% of the session fee
  • 5 days before the appointment = 33% of the session fee
  • 72 hours before the appointment = 50% of the session fee
  • 48 hours before the appointment = 75% of the session fee
  • 24 hours before the appointment = 100% of the session fee

If a make-up artist is also booked, the above cancellation and postponement conditions also apply to the make-up artist’s fee.

If the client arrives late for the booked headshot session, the lost time cannot be claimed afterward. Each headshot session has a time limit of three hours. No-shows by clients will be charged at 100%.

Delivery of the photographs
Payment of the session fee does not include a picture. The customer receives all purchased images in high resolution and without watermarks as JPEG files. The images are transmitted via an online gallery, which remains accessible online for one year after the shooting date. HeadShot Factory will not submit unretouched and/or unpurchased images as retouching is an important process and unretouched images represent an unfinished product.

Deletion of the photographs
All images not purchased by the client after the headshot session will be permanently deleted after two weeks.

Storage and use of personal data:
By booking as well as participating in the shoot, the photographed person acknowledges that in order for HeadShot Factory to be able to fulfill the order, personal data such as photographs or electronic photo files, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. may be stored electronically with him/her locally and protected online.

The photographed person also acknowledges that the photographs taken may have to be transmitted and shared with third parties via the Internet for the provision of the service. Third parties are used for services that cannot be provided directly or only partially by HeadShot Factory (e.g. external image processing, image proofing, off-site backup solutions, etc.). Third parties are also contractually obliged to use this data only for the related service and may only store it during the provision of the service and may not pass it on to other parties.

Use of the images by the HeadShot-Factory:
With the booking of the HeadShot session as well as the participation in the shooting, the photographed person allows HeadShot Factory to use the photos for its own promotional purposes. This includes in particular the publications for portfolio purposes on the own website, in social media as well as in print products such as flyers. The transfer of the images and personal data to third parties for commercial or promotional purposes by Headshot Factory is prohibited and therefore excluded.

Rights of use of the images for the client
Clients are allowed to use their images in a private context without a time and place license. The session fee also includes the transfer of the images to the employer for internal and external communication. For editorial use of the images (internal and external), HeadShot Factory must be named as the image author (e.g.: Image: HeadShot Factory).

However, the commercial distribution of the images (free of charge or for a fee) to third parties is not permitted or only with the consent of HeadShot Factory and a possible licensing. I.e. the images may not be used for any form of advertising (commercial or political).

The rights of use of the images remain with HeadShot Factory / Pascal Landert until full payment has been made. According to Swiss law, copyright cannot be transferred.